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Right Mouse click on an image
Select 'Save Image As'
to save the images you want.

Test Image Used for
Glass on the Fly Challenge

Downloadable Files
Here are some of the files I use to help me in various ways.
To get things started, I have a cheat sheet I use to track my settings
and the Gray Scales I use to check my heat and speed settings.

I will try to explain each of these a little better here.
I will be making pages for each of these soon.
For a better explanation, watch this video.
It is long, but packed with a lot of 'Back to Basics'
type information that you might find useful on any material.

Right Mouse click on the images below
Select 'Save Image As' to save the images you want.

Gray Scales
I use these Gray Scale images to adjust my heat and speed settings.
Run any of these at 100% power to find your optimal settings.
If it's all solid, you are using too much heat or too slow with your speed.
If only a couple blocks fill in, you need to add more heat or lower your speed.

I use all 3 of these for various things and depending on the space available.

Tracker Sheet
Keep track of your settings

Click for larger view

Print this page to keep
track of your settings
RGB vs CMYK Colors
Try this experiment to see the difference between the color palettes for yourself
Burn these at 100% Power and about 30mm/s for Speed on a piece of scrap wood.
One will burn deeper than the other. Make 2 passes and see what happens

This image is in RGB color format.
Try burning this image at 100% power / 30mm/s speed

RGB Black is unfiltered
R = 0   G = 0   B = 0
This image is in CMYK format.
Run it at 100% power / 30mm/s speed and compare the differences.

The center is filled with the black that is at the END of the color palatte
C = 100   M = 100   Y = 100   K = 100
It is a 'mixed or filtered' black you could say. Not a pure black.
The first ring from the center is the first color in the CMYK Color palette.
It is what most people use and is labled 'Black' C = 0   M = 0   Y = 0   K = 100
This is the layer to compare with the RGB Black
since it is the most commonly used.

Printable Gray Scale Chart
I created this guide for myself to help when working with reverse(Negative) colors and wanted
to see what it would burn like on glass. The discoveries were eye opening. Check out the video

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