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Easily burn the black layer off
to reveal the white center layer.
Double sided for an added bonus.
Be great for product tags,
menus or other craft items.

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Simple Heart Cut Out
Using this posterboard only.
Cut out was clean and easy.

I'm sure there are other places
and ways to get this and other
tools and materials I have listed.
I prefer the ones I can go get
if I'm in a pinch and waiting
on the brown truck won't work.

Pen Gear   Poster Board

This is my favorite all purpose backing paper.
It does really well with the 'Glass on the Fly' method
on photos, graphics and other heavy gray scale images
that you won't be burning at such a high temperature.
The uCreate Blackboard poster board is recommended if you
are doing solid color names or logos with high heat.

This posterboard is double sided and quit versatile.
It has a white core and could be used on any number of things.
It may not fold that well, but you can burn on both sides.

You don't need anything else with this posterboard.
Just burn the black layer off at 100mm/s and 30% power
To reveille the white layer below. It works well with photos also.

You can make your own product tags or any number of things.
I got it at WalMart and it came in a 22" x 28" sheet for $1.08
There was a rack with different colors also.

Creative minds will have a great time with this stuff.

When looking for materials, take a look at the edge of it.
On this, you will see a white layer between 2 black layers.
No telling what kind of bonus layers are hiding out there.

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Burn Test Example

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There are too many possibilities
with this posterboard.
It comes in other colors as well.
Cuts clean and easy.
Great for Custom Holiday Cards.

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Get it at Walmart - $1.22
22" x 28" sheets
It has just gone up $.14 recently.


There was a display rack
in my local store and it
had more color choices.
Black works best for this.

See the Backers page
for other project ideas.

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