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On this site, you will find plenty of laser tips and tricks to make your life easier.
You will find plenty of videos and tutorials with some of my tips and tricks.
There are parts that I have designed and either sell or have the files for download.
I try to offer alternatives, even to my own parts!

You can create quality items, , Easily!
While working within your skill level and budget.

Enjoy your visit and most of all.... Have Fun!!

Most of my videos have some tips and little tricks to make your life a little easier.
This is one of my first ones and still recommend.
It is lengthy, but the information is worth the time.
The video may be on cups, but there are a lot of other,
'Back to Basics' and eye opening information.

  For D1 and D1 Pro


  Honeycomb Mounts
  Foot Mounts
  Air Assist Clips
  Lens Tools
  Head Clamps
  Stepper Cover
  DIY Height Tool

  Just For D1 Pro

  Limit Switch Cover

  Etching Glass on the Fly
  Backing Materials
  Latex Dip Cup Masking
  Misc.Tips & Tools

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