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Q) Will they work on the Pro?

A) Yes They Will.
Mounts have been designed
just for the Pro Models.

Select Your Model at Check Out to be sure your set will fit correctly.

The mounts that are designed for the Pro Will Not fit correctly on a D1.
They will be loose on the legs and
your honeycomb may not fit at all.

All honeycomb mounts now come with a set of spacers just for use in the top leg section that is permanently mounted to the frame. These spacers make up for the missing center hole the risers have and increases the stability greatly.

Both sets of mounts hold the standard xTool size honeycomb firmly in place.

Q) Do they change the height?

A) Yes they do by only 12mm.
Top leg slides into the mount 10mm and the bottom leg goes in 8mm for stability. See the other cutaway graphic for more details. There is only a small space in between. These mounts will only add 12mm to the height of your D1 or Pro

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Easily Change From Honeycomb, to a Spoilboard to Working with the Rotary,
Without touching the legs!

Check Out a of the Honeycomb Mounts In Action

The elevated platform keeps your work within reach of the head without any other mods.
I keep a spoilboard in mine most of the time for engraving and love the easy access.
Creative people can make a spoilboard that doubles as a template/jig board
with all the necessary fixtures already mounted and indexed ready to go.

Honeycomb Mounts Honeycomb Mounts Honeycomb Mounts
Work in any of the 3 positions in just seconds!

If you don't have a Honeycomb, but would like to have an elevated spoilboard,
Check out the Original Leg Mounts. They are smaller and will hold a larger spoilboard.

Available in Black, Gray or Gold

Mounts slide between leg sections

Elevated honeycomb allows small
pieces to fall out of the way.
Much easier to keep clean!

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