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ViperAir is the Original Dual Tipped Air Assist Nozzle.
It has a more conventional style with the tips blowing from behind the lens to the front of the head. This configuration works well when doing engravings/fills in XCS and will keep your projects much cleaner. It will also help do cuts faster with much cleaner results.

XCS does engravings/fills by starting on the top edge of your object and working to the front. The tips on the ViperAir nozzle will blow the smoke and soot to the front away from your finished engraving. Your pieces will be much cleaner and save you a lot of clean up time.

LightBurn does engravings/fills just the opposite and starts on the front edge of your object and works to the back. LightBurn does have the option to change that, but this is how it does the engravings/fills by default. ViperAir2 is the newest version of this nozzle and is configured to work in the opposite direction. It would be the better choice for use with LightBurn.

Both the ViperAir and ViperAir2 nozzles have a dome that covers and protects your lens from getting covered with smoke film and soot. Your lenses will stay cleaner and last longer.

Available for All 5w, 10w and 20w D1 and D1 Pro Models

ViperAir is a direct replacement for the cone style nozzles. They are stationary on the lens and do not require any adjusting other than your standard height adjustment on D1 models. The tips are even with the bottom of the shield. Just focus your laser as you normally would.

D1 Pro Users will need to focus the nozzles along with the laser.
The second focus lever will change the height between the lens and the bottom of the orange shield. The ViperAir nozzles are mounted to the lens and will move up and down along with it.
Slide the nozzle on the lens so the tips are even with the bottom of the orange shield.
You can make a DIY Height Adjustment Tool to help set the correct height

If you are setting up air assist for the first time on a D1 NonPro,
You may need to make a hole in the orange shield to use either of the ViperAir nozzles.
Here is a diagram that will help you put the hole in the correct place.
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Both of the

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