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I am seeing more and more questions about these issues
in social media groups and in videos all across the webaverse.

The ones that did post photos, all had the same thing in common.
All of them had the long silver(or blue) cone on a wide bodied Pro laser.

The longer Blue or Silver cones came with the air assist at one time
and are preferred over the other because they do a nicer job of cleaning.

Basic science says that when things heat up, they expand.
What if the full beam doesn't make it out and hits the sides?
You would notice a power loss for sure. As the beam heated
the cone it would expand and the hole would get bigger
letting more beam pass and you would notice a power gain.
Without the beam hitting the cone now, it would start to cool
making the hole smaller and you would loose power again.
Then the cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over.
It would look just like pulsating power from the laser.

If part of the beam is catching the cone, there may be a heat
signature large enough for the flame detection to see also.

That leaves us with 'Why are my final cuts taking so long?'
There are 2 things working against you here and they aren't
playing too well together at all. Most are having problems
when something didn't cut all the way and have to make another
pass. The cone has had time to cool and your working with
a smaller beam.. less power.. Add to that, most of the woods
we are using have a ton of glues and other things in them.
Some will get even harder after they are heated and cooled.
It's like trying to bore a hole in concrete sometimes.

All of these problems can be from the same thing..
One Tiny Little Hole..

The longer Blue or Silver cones
have a 2mm hole.

The newer, shorter cones
have a larger 3mm hole.

In my book, it would be OK to drill a 3mm(1/8") hole in your cones
and it wouldn't hurt anything or violate the warranty.

Opening the hole should fix or prevent these issues
and it will still clean just as well. Possibly better.
Your air assist pump may thank you also.
Happy Lasering!!

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